Taking Back Our Power: All Black Lives Matter

As an American Puerto Rican Latina and now a small business owner of three companies, I too have a dream. I grew up with nothing; poverty has NO color.  My father was incarcerated for over 21 years for murder, my mother had four children by the age of twenty with NO education.  My grandparents raised me with a third-grade education so needless to say I was a scholarship kid on the welfare program, who stood in line for cheese and powdered milk.  I ran away from home and dropped out of High School because of the damaging impact of abortion in my life.  I turned to drugs, alcohol, and even homelessness.  Throughout my life I have voted for Democratic and Republican Presidents.  Hell, I even voted for Ross Perot, because this is my damn country too, and I want the BEST for it. For all my life, my parents and grandparents voted for Democrats who did NOTHING for the inner city of Chicago.  So, I decided to educate myself (through the University of Hard Knocks) because I was DONE with the lowlife-entitled-politicians.

Americans from all races, colors, and walks of life have pledged their allegiance to the flag of the United States of America by giving their lives for our Freedoms, NOT to the EVIL we have seen in the burning of and urinating of our Flag.

The time has come for our country to make a decision.  It will either continue down the path of death and destruction OR, we will rise up as United Americans in “TAKING BACK OUR POWER” by restoring the dignity of what this Nation was founded on…..Godly Principles.

I too have a dream that my Black brothers and sisters review the last three months with me on the “Black Lives Matters” and/or Al Sharpton’s indignation and ask yourselves where is the public outcry for your Black babies?  Who is responsible for the deaths of 13-year old Amaria Jones, whose only mistake in life was to stand in front of that damn window while dancing for her beautiful single mother?  Or 3-year old Maca James, whose innocent life was taken because he did not have a father to protect him?  Or how about the 400 black lives shot over the past few weekends in Chicago alone, because of the black on black gang-violence?

I too have a dream where human beings are not being exploited by politicians. Americans across this Nation have been sitting in their quarantined homes paralyzed by FEAR that Covid-19 would reach their loved ones. As Americans we did our part to make sure we would get through this stronger than ever.  We watched in horror as governors across this Nation, held daily news conferences as the mortality rate of deaths within the elderly communities continued to grow.  For the last three months we were told under the BANNER OF PUBLIC HEALTH, by states like NY, IL, CA, NJ, MA and many more to stay home under mandated rules and curfews regarding the spread of this deadly disease.  We watched sons and daughters being denied by Governor Cuomo the right to see their parents being held in nursing homes and then the RECKLESS decision he made by sending more than 5,000 fragile infected seniors with Covid-19 into the nursing homes not only to die alone without family members around them, but also to infect other fragile seniors.  Or Illinois Governor PRICK-STER arrest believers for seeking refuge within the Houses of Worship, but then ignored Mayor Lightfoot who turned a blind-eye as thousands of Rioters, Terrorists and Looters who destroyed the Magnificent Mile for over six hours, before any police officers were sent in to protect, our Black, Hispanic, Asian and White businesses.  Or California’s Nancy Pelosi’s RECKLESS proclamation in late March telling everyone in her SHIT infested communities to join her in China-Town because there was NO such thing as a Chinese Virus.  Why you ask, because during the most crucial shut down of America’s history she, the Speaker of the House was too busy lying to the American people about Russian interference?

I raise the question as why you, Nancy, haven’t exposed the Good Old Boys Club of the Epstein Island of Horrors with as much indignation and conviction?  Is it because Bill Clinton was a frequent visitor of the Island?  Nancy, as one Catholic woman to another, YOUR POLITICS OFFEND GOD, and I am sorry that no one within our BEAUTIFUL Catholic Church has the courage to tell you, Biden, and Cuomo that.  Watching you parade around the D.C. area taking down pictures and watching monument after monument being brought down, vandalized by Rioters, Terrorists, and Looters with blessings from you and your governors across this Nation telling everyone these people have the right to protest and need to be heard….WAIT WHAT?  What about COVID-19?  For the last three months they have been pushing a narrative, of STAY HOME and EAT ICE-CREAM, correct? I too have a dream where Nancy Pelosi’s voice isn’t the only woman’s voice heard.

Seriously, as Americans, we need to ask the million-dollar question, What the HELL has Nancy Pelosi and her minions done for the American people?  The season of time is up for these useless politicians who have profited off the sacrifice and suffering of the American people and expose their NO RECORDS, by holding them accountable once in for all!  An Awakening is taking place and we are DONE with their “Political Privileges”!

What these low-life-entitled POLITICIANS haven’t told my Black and Hispanic brothers and sisters within the inner cities, that under their direction the states of NY, IL, CA, NJ, MA and many more, signed executive orders to release tens of thousands of VIOLENT murderers, rapists, wife beaters/killers, and child pedophiles, all in the name of a Chinese Virus, that according to Nancy Pelosi, doesn’t even exist?  And where did they release these criminals?  Into Black and Hispanic poor struggling communities.  And now they are Funding Black Lives Matter through their Act Blue 501(c)(3) to hold banners to defund police officers within our neighborhoods?  And why?  For NO other reason than political control because the thought that BLACKS and HISPANICS could be Self-Empowered, does not work for them!  Neither did the lowest unemployment rate among Blacks and Hispanics!

These low-life-entitled politicians are the ELITISTS, you know the 1% who have created a lifestyle that affords them anything they want.  However, they can only keep those life-styles by convincing all of us deployable’s that the ghetto is a good place to live and that the FREE SHIT they throw at us every four years, should suffice, really?

For we are and have always been, one Nation under GOD.  The same GOD that Black and Hispanic grandparents, great-grandparents and great- great grandparents have called upon for their hope, strength, and courage.  They knew and still know He was and is the same GOD who could set the captives free from slavery and bring them into the promise land.

AMERICA is the PROMISED LAND!  It is a land that allows for a white single-mother to give birth to a black son, who is raised by his white grandparents, who teach him about our “AMERICAN PRIVILEGES” of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and goes on to Prep Schools, Ivy League Universities, and then becomes the First Black President of this GREAT NATION UNDER GOD twice!  Proving that America is NOT A RACIST Country, but rather a melting-pot of beautiful people who represent the BEST the WORLD has to offer!

Wake up my Hispanic brothers and sisters, because Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project” has already caused the largest racist massacre of black lives in the history of our Nation, 20 million and counting……so join with me in my dream where ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER and we end racism from Conception to Natural Death!

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