Why the DNC Missed the Mark…..on Defending Our Communities…

As a Puerto Rican Latina, that grew up in poverty in the city of Chicago. I am horrified by how the DNC has used its platform to shame the current president and ignored the Terrorist, Rioters, and Looters that have brutally slaughtered single-mothers and their children?

Their deliberate silence to NOT address or bring comfort to the neighborhoods they profess to represent left me wondering why?

Could it be that these cities fall in Blue States? States that are funding ACT BLUE to hold signs to Defund The Police? States that also released thousands of murderers, rapist, wife beaters, child pedophiles into impoverished hopeless communities because of a Chinese plague that according to Nancy Pelosi doesn’t even exist?

To take away their only source of protection is evil and reckless. Leaving women and children to fend for themselves? Who does that?

All I heard is TRUMP IS USELESS, really? Regardless of anyone’s political party we are Americans first and foremost. America is on FIRE and the Democrats want to Defund The Police? Clearly these low-life entitled Politicians have gone to far. The lives that have died in Chicago from gang on gang violence is 464 as of today, and that doesn’t include robberies, vehicle thefts and rapes.

These useless politicians who have lived off the sacrifice and suffering of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, like parasites has to STOP!

Where is the public outcry from Obama, especially since he comes from Chicago? As a former President, Chicago’s problem isn’t TRUMPS fault? It’s yours and the party that prides it self to be a voice for the voiceless?

Growing up in the ghetto wasn’t easy for us. My single-mother had NO education and four small children but managed to get ahead even with a Husband/Father who was incarcerated for 21 years. My very brave mother wanted good schools and safe neighborhoods.

We were taught that “The Police” were the men and women in blue uniforms that made sure we were safe. We didn’t care about the color of their skin because poverty has NO COLOR.

Mayor Lightfoot, Releasing this evil upon your people is beyond despicable! Allowing for the Magnificent Mile to be turned into the Green Mile of Death for 6 hours before you sent in 400 Police Officers to war against 4,000 delinquents, the numbers just don’t add up especially since today the entire police force was ordered by you to protect your home and property! You are a hypocritical useless politician who needs to be removed from office immediately!

Join our movement in
Yvonne Florczak Seeman
Founder of POWER, Inc
Protectors of Women’s EQUAL Rights

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